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Helpful Things: Organizers

I’m speaking of the human kind, not the paper or digital variety.

Yesterday I posted a letter that Pastor John sent to Dianne and me just after Paul was born, where he sent a specific word of hope to us and also a call to the church to embrace this little boy as a gift.

On Tuesday I mentioned the long-term care given to us of meals, both those prepared and those underwritten by gift cards.

Today, one of the outcomes of Pastor John’s persistent call to Bethlehem to ‘run toward need rather than comfort.’

On October 12, 2004, Dianne received a diagnosis of cancer.  On October 15, 2004, she was told that the cancer had already spread from her breast to her bones in her back and ribs.  It was Stage IV disease – there is no Stage V.  She had to enter immediate, intensive, and frequent treatment that would leave her very weak and sick for months.

Unlike 1995 when we ran from the church, this time we ran to the church.  Immediately, elders gathered to pray for all of us (which will be the subject of a future post), and the broad, international networks of prayer warriors was engaged.

Two women, neither did I know before Dianne’s diagnosis of cancer, stepped forward at church to say they would help organize the meals (and I’m not sure how many other things as well).  This was not like a small group (which was also in flux for us as our best friends and small group leaders had just left for the mission field), this was inviting complete strangers into our lives at a moment of crisis.  Would we sacrifice a facade of independence and competence to allow people to really help us? (more…)

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